SoccerLAB & TennisLife join The Cronos group

We are very pleased to announce that QuESD NV has become part of The Cronos Group as of 5th of April.
The Cronos Group is the largest tech group in Belgium with more than 4,500 employees active in various sectors.

SoccerLAB and subsidiary TennisLife (QuESD NV) have been successfully helping professional sports clubs and organisations for years with their talent management. Through the collaboration with The Cronos Group, SoccerLAB hopes to shift to a higher gear. This collaboration will allow them to offer their customers even more knowledge and insights about their players. In this way, a springboard is created, allowing further international growth. The Cronos Group is again focusing on innovation, this time at the crossroads of data analysis, artificial intelligence and sport.

“We are happy to be part of The Cronos Group. SoccerLAB is internationally successful and this gives us the opportunity to grow even faster. The use of data is becoming increasingly important in the sports world. In addition to football, with TennisLife, we have taken the first steps towards expanding into other sports. Thanks to the support from The Cronos Group, we can shift to a higher gear”, Eddy Schuurmans & Jim Kunnen relate – Founders of SoccerLAB.

“The use of data is becoming increasingly important in the sports world. SoccerLAB contributes to our larger sports story where we want to focus even more on innovation, technology and sports science. As a group today, we are strongly committed to data analysis and artificial intelligence. You need relevant data for this. SoccerLAB offers us the data with which we can get started. In this manner, we can offer sports clubs more and greater insights about their players.” says Wim Vanden Driessche, The Cronos Group. 

SoccerLAB is a successful spin-off of UHasselt. The Cronos Group has been working together with UHasselt for some time through its Limburg subsidiary Wingmen in specific domains where this collaboration is the next logical step.

“Wingmen offers entrepreneurs in Limburg a solid springboard. Together with UHasselt, we are bringing together certain things such as data analysis, science and entrepreneurship within specific domains”, Ann Simons, Founder of Wingmen, explains.

About SoccerLAB and TennisLife

SoccerLAB & TennisLife are management software programs for clubs, academies and federations. By using new technologies, the clubs can better follow up and develop their players and talented youth players. They make sports clubs more successful by centrally managing video and data analysis of players, teams, matches and training.

SoccerLAB has been supporting clubs for more than 10 years, including Bayer Leverkusen, PSV Eindhoven, Club Brugge and Qatar Aspire Academy. The Dutch tennis federation tracks its talents’ performances using TennisLife.

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SoccerLAB & TennisLife join The Cronos Group

We are very pleased to announce that QuESD NV has become part of The Cronos Group as of 5th of April 2018.

The Cronos Group is the largest tech group in Belgium with more than 4,500 employees active in various sectors.
The group strongly believes in QuESD NV and its products SoccerLAB and TennisLife and want to support growing both applications internationally.

We expect this acquisition to result in positive changes. Our offices remain in Diepenbeek (Belgium), Weilerswist (Germany), Hyderabad (India) and continue to guarantee the quality you have come to expect from us in recent years.

This partnership gives us the financial strength and technical expertise to allow SoccerLAB and TennisLife to grow further. We are convinced that we can guarantee an even better service going forward.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us .